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Timeflies – Swoon | Lyrics & Video

Friday, November 30, 2012

"Swoon" is another hot new song recorded by American music duo, Timeflies. It is taken from their sophomore studio EP 'One Night' released on November 27. "If this EP does really well, we're going focus a lot more on recording," says Resnick. "Hopefully we can have a single out by January or February." Meanwhile, Resnick hopes to have a new Timeflies album on shelves by "the middle of next summer."

Check out Timeflies - Swoon video below. Swoon lyric by Timeflies also available after the jump.

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Watch Timeflies – Swoon Music Video here

Timeflies Swoon Lyrics :-

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[Verse 1:]
Fashionably late
I’m last in
I played the cards
Time to cash in
All the girls here is lookin’ like Maxim
Movie star life so it’s lights, camera, action
So lemme direct
Only one word matters,
So let’s call it respect
I am
Locked in from the minute I walk in
Through the middle of the floor
So let’s call it collect
Well I don’t need a gameplan
I rock the club like a
Motherfuckin’ caveman
I was prayin’ for these bottles and models,
but now I got ‘em
So now I’m chillin’ in the back saying “Amen”
This too much fun
You see, we finally startin’ to get it like we should
Like you been playin ‘ lotto for life
And it look like you just won
So when they see you and you’re lookin this good
Everybody gon’ swoon

Out here the parties never end too soon
Happens every time I go and step up in the room
I do it like that so lemme see ya,
Lemme see ya swoon,
Yeah, lemme see ya swoon
We can set it off, make the bass go boom
Do it so fly, I could take you to the moon
We gon’ run it back, so lemme see ya
Lemme see ya swoon
Yeah lemme see ya swoon

[Verse 2:]
Walked in,
Place froze up
Nowadays everybody shows up
It’s like that
From the minute that we pulled up
We gon’ shut it down
Until the club close up
Table in the back, yeah,
I got ya
See whatever you want,
I won’t cost ya
Welcome to the life,
Yes we do this every night
‘Cause you know that all the bras
Pop off like cheap vodka

Girls around me lookin like a huddle (Yeah)
I need a hand; I could use a stunt double
Somebody save me
‘Cause I’m getting into trouble
See I tired out your girl,
Now all she wanna do is cuddle (Ha ha)
I could get used to this
‘Cause you know we gonna do this all the time
I walked up “Excuse me miss,
You’re turning heads when you’re lookin so fine…”


[Verse 3]
After all the drinks I consume,
Party all night, running on fumes
Same clothes like I’m the cartoons
‘Cause I went and did it hard from midnight to noon
Come around every time I sing a tune
All the girls are lookin’ like Heidi Klum
Now everything’ I’m reppin’ is smelling like perfume
And they do the same thing
When I step in the room, they swoon….

Girl, you gotta swoon

(Let me see you swoon)
(Ha) Swoon
Yeah Let me see you swoon
Yeah Let me see you swoon
(Let’s get it)
We gon run it back so lemme see ya
(Get it? Good)

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Watch Timeflies – Swoon Music Video here